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New Series Starts 13th May

15 Rounds 10 to count

The winner of each series will get 1 nights Free Racing

(1 class)


We are currently running meetings on a friday evening

Mardave Mini Rules

Cars to be the Mardave Mini Assassin (carbon edition is allowed)
Bodyshell to be Classic mini in Lexan (no ABS)
No fins or aerofoil to be fitted but the rear wing can be used.
Motors to be Core 21T which is the current kit motor.
The motor may be fitted to either side of the motor pod.
Solid rear axle only (no diffs)
4 cell Nimh sub-C size only with a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts per cell (no lipo).
ESC to be either the Mtronics viper oval RS,Mtronics viper oval ultra RS,Mtronics viper autosport tuned 20 or the Ultra circuit HR3.
Spur gear to be 48t and 32DP.
Only 13,14,15,16,17 or 18 tooth pinion.
Z-drive hubs are permitted.
Kingpin brace may be fitted.
Wishbones,suspension and steering to remain as kit supplied (after market turnbuckles may be used).
Mardave option springs may be used.
Spacers can be used under the wishbones for ride height and caster adjustments.
Tyres must be Contact Foams on Mardave fitment wheels.
Fronts to be either JM45FB, JM47FB or JM50FB.
Rears to be either JM32RN, JM35RN or JM37RN.
Body mounts can be changed from the kit supplied ones.
Minimum ground clearance of 3mm to include any prodruding screws and 1 mm for spur gear.
No additive allowed.


Tamiya Truck Rules

In order to keep the racing close and fun, the only modifications allowed from the standard Tamiya TT01E Racing Truck kit will be as follows:

1. Full set of ball bearings.
2. Oil filled shocks with any springs.
3. Turnbuckles with ball joints on the steering components.
4. Up to a 22 tooth pinion.

Only the kit Tamiya Torque Tuned motor is allowed with any ESC and a 6 cell NiMH battery.
Everything else must be kept as standard.

Any questions, ask at Race Control.

M.Rage Rules

These are the current rules for the new M.Rage class.

The aim is to keep it cheap and simple.

  1. Only BSR M.Rage or Nanda, shaft drive 4WD chassis allowed
  2. Only 210mm or 208mm bodyshells. No TC or GT12/LMP shells
  3. Only wings supplied with bodyshell allowed
  4. No flipped wishbones, SWB only
  5. Only Rubber tyres allowed, 55 or 60mm, no foams
  6. BRCA Approved additive is now allowed
  7. Cleaning the tyres with brake cleaner is allowed
  8. Stock 13.5 motor, but no bandit or outlaw motors
  9. 1s lipo battery
  10. Boost and turbo allowed
  11. Any gearing, 48dp only
  12. Minimum ride height is 5mm
  13. Minimum weight 1100g

Membership 2022



UNDER 16..............................£5.00

All cheques made payable to AORRC

BRCA Membership is also required.

This now has to be arranged individually via the BRCA website at a cost of £20.00

Proof of BRCA membership will be required.



Starting from the next series in 2018, GT12 cars will be only running the Contact front and rear control tyres with additive.

*Only BRCA approved additive is allowed.

Please use it sparingly, preferably applied with the LRP style foam applicator. Also, you MUST wipe off any excess wetness from the tyres AND spin the rear wheels on the mat by the rostrum before using the car on the track.

If the carpet becomes soaked in additive like it did before, we will have to stop using it.

Please do not let this happen.

*A list of approved additives is available on their website and from Race Control



AORRC only run Amb/Mylaps Personal Transponders. However Mk 2 MRT Transponders work.

If in doubt please ask.

We will have a couple of PT's to hire out to visitors(£1), however any new members would be expected to buy one.



Great video well worth a watch.

Click on this link



Tamiya Mini Class Rules

These rules will apply from July 25th 2014 onwards.

Chassis: Tamiya M-03 or M-05 Front Wheel Drive.
Motor: Mardave G2 24 turn silver can. Supplied by club (£9) and not to be modified in any way.
Gearbox: 20t pinion only with standard Tamiya gear set and Diff. No Ball Diffs.
Battery: Any 6cell 7.2V NiMh pack.
ESC: Any allowed.
Tyres: Tamiya M-Grip 60D or standard kit tyres only. No additive.
Minimum Weight: 1250g including transponder.
Bodyshell: Rover Mini or similar size/type/scale.
Ride Height: 5mm minimum.

We will continue to do scrutineering as and when neccessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Any car judged to be much faster than everyone else will have the motor swapped by Race Control.

We hope these simple rules will make for exciting, close, racing for all drivers.

If you have any questions please ask at Race Control.



This is a must see!!

Watch in car footage with Frank Williams

Just follow the link below for 4.5 mins of high speed action.




Track laying & putting away

It has been brought to my attention yet again that a number of people feel they do not need to contribute to the above.

I would like to say to everyone that if you race you need to help.

As a reminder you need to arrive by 18:30 and should not leave until all the equipment is away and the hall floor has been swept.